Features That Help Small Business Grow

Give customers a mobile experience they will love.


Keep users up to date with events, specials, and announcements.

Loyalty Programs

Reward your best customers to increase repeat visits and lifelong loyalty.


Engage your users with easy event promotion. Add upcoming & past events.


A simple way for your business to make sales through the app.

Group Management

Restrict access to certain features of your app or limit the use of the app to a specific group of people.

Food Ordering

A simple and effective way for restaurants to take orders and process payments.


Great for feedback, surveys, and gathering info from users.


Integrate audio and video podcasts within your app. After integrating the feed, it will automatically update with the latest content.

YouTube Channel

The “YouTube Channel” feature allows you to display your business’ YouTube channel in a clean, accessible format right within your app.

Easily manage your content

Get full control to analyze data, make changes, or communicate with users from our easy to use online dashboard.